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Re: [APD] Re: pH at which CaCO3 dissolves

--- Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net> wrote:
> Scott wrote:
> > Speed was mentioned but it's not clear to me what speed
> has
> > to do with it at all.
> Oh.  So you don't care if it takes, um,  30 years to
> dissolve?  Most people 
> want chemicals to dissolve right away when they mix them
> with water.

'Right away' is okay if I need to count the effect of the
whole dose quickly. As a matter of fact that's how it
appears to work for me -- takes a few hours but that's all.
'30 years' could work too if the rate was constant -- I'd
only have to dose the right amount once and it would
continue dissolving without further bother ;-)

> > And I wouldn't mind hearing an answer to Cheri's
> question
> > either. I can piece to gether a few possible answers
> based
> > on the recent discussion, or the archives, but . . .
> Unfortunately Cheri didn't provide enough information to
> justify a more 
> detailed answer than she can get from reading recent
> posts.  We would need to 
> know the calcium content of her water -- at least the
> hardness would help -- 
> and it would be good to know what kind of heater she has
> to clean all the 
> time and where on the heater the deposits form.

Maybe we'll hear more from Cheri. 

Scott H.

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