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Re: [APD] Re: super glue -- or --Sticking to the facts

Glue packages are lableled non-toxic when used as directed,
which usually involves never breathing or  touching the
uncured glue. However, both of those things are likely to
occur to some degree in normal household/hobbyist use.

The two main types are ethyl cyanoacrylate and methyl
cyanoacrylate. The latter seems preferred for surgery for
hving slightly less toxicity. Although the toxicity is low
in both cases. You're not likely to find the distinction
marked on a package in Home Depot. Unless you plan on
ingesting it or getting it on your skin in large amounts,
it won't really matter, you'll be fine. It comes in very
small packages so it's actually hard to get involved with a
lot of it ;-)

The more anxious of us can look for "Dermabond" brand or
Loctite Tissue Adhesive but it's probably only available
from surgical supply houses. ;-)

The main thing is deal with the vapors (ventilation)
because they are irritating but unlikely to cause long term
damage unless you are expeosed to a lot. And keep it off
your skin because it's a pain to get it off. The amount of
breakdown products from tissue exposure is low enough that
some doctors sometimes use the stuff in place of sutures.

To sum up in a braod way, when it comes to crazy glue, if
you trust your doctor, you can trust Home Depot.

Scott H.
--- Ricky Cain <rlcain1 at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Scott Hieber wrote:
> "most forms of super glue aren't considered toxic to
> humans -- hence
> some forms are approved for use as a "suture" material. 
> Scott, do you just look for one that says "non-toxic" or
> is it more
> involved than that?
> Ricky Cain
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