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[APD] Re:Complete CO2 system

>>This guy has a CO2 system that looks to have everything but the gas. It is
pretty good price, and he has an excellent feedback rating.<<

As long as you understand what you are getting. The Aqua Medic membrane
reactor is a passive reactor.  You put it in the path of a water current,
which pushes the gas thru the membranes. These membranes get dirty very
easily and fairly quickly.  The other thing you are paying for in this
system is an empty C02 cylinder.  I believe it is a waist of money to buy an
empty cannister because in most areas, nobody ever refills an empty
cylinder. They swap it for one already filled, and they only do it if you
bought the original cylinder from them. So it would be a good idea to line
up a place that will fill it before you buy it.  Or better yet buy the
cylinder locally. The regulator in this system is from Milwaukee, which is a
good regulator. Just make sure Milwaukee will honor the warranty from this
ebay seller. Ask him if he is an authorized Milwaukee dealer.

Robert Hudson

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