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Re: [APD] Re:Complete CO2 system -- or - It pays to shop before you buy

Good points, but . . .well, not exactly "nobody" refills
your own CO2 tanks.

Getting your own tank refilled is not an option available
to everyone, but most towns have a CO2/beverage supply
house, welder supply house, fire equipment supply house and
you can get your tank filled while you wait -- it only
takes a few seconds to refill a CO2 tank.

Robert's right that wherever and whenever you plan on
getting a CO2 tank, line up a CO2 supplier first -- it pays
to shop around for price on CO2. The shop you choose to
use, or have to use, might be one that sends tanks out to
be refilled and so only swaps tanks for customers. If you
do not live in a rural area, you can probably find a shop
that will refill your own tank for a good price.

I've always found on-line discount prices for tanks,
including shipping costs, to be much cheaper than buying a
tank locally.

Customaquatic.com in California also used to have good
rices on nice Catalina Brand aluminum CO2 tanks. Haven't
checked lately.

Don't forget folks, refilling a tank that hold 10 pounds of
CO2 might not cost much more than one that holds 5 pounds.
I'm currently paying $96.0 for a 5 pound refill and $10.00
for a 10 pound refill. So if the size and weight of a
larger tank aren't a problem for you, consider getting the
larger tank. The extra cost is made back in refill savings
and few trips to the refill shop.

The same seller has a complete system with a 10-pound tank
and a non-membrane reactor:


Btw, aren't all CO2 reactors/injectors/diffusers passive

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> . . . I believe it is a waist
> of money to buy an
> empty cannister because in most areas, nobody ever
> refills an empty
> cylinder. They swap it for one already filled, and they
> only do it if you
> bought the original cylinder from them. So it would be a
> good idea to line
> up a place that will fill it before you buy it.  Or
> better yet buy the
> cylinder locally. 

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