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[APD] Re: Mulm Accreation in Heavily Planted Tanks

Not to keep on beating on a dead horse, but regarding mulm accumulating on 
the substrate of heavily planted tanks, I did a little research on the Internet 
and asked some people who had their own aquarium websites on the Internet like 
Robin Rhudy at Fishpondinfo.com what was the best way to get rid of mulm that 
inevitably accreates in planted tanks over long periods of time.  I wanted to 
see if there was any other way to get rid of it besides having to do a light 
gravel vacuuming every now and then, which even then, might not be able to 
eliminate all of it, and so then might not be able to prevent the water quality 
from slowly but steadily decreasing bit by bit over time.  After speaking to 
her by e-mail, she recommended to me a product called BZT Aqua 4-U manufactured 
by United-Tech.  They sell it on their website united-tech.com.  She said that 
she uses it in her aquariums and that it turns most of the mulm that 
accumulates over time in her planted aquariums into a very fine powder that can be 
easily vacuumed up while doing regular water changes during regular aquarium 
maintenance.  She also said that she and some other pond keepers use this or some 
other United-Tech product similar to this in their ponds to prevent buildup of 
fish waste on the bottom and that it works very well for them.  Have any of 
you used this product before in your planted tanks?  Do any of you know if it 
works and if it does whether or not it works well?  Do any of you know whether 
or not the use of it has any negative side effects or drawbacks in the planted 
aquarium?  From what she said and from what I have read about it on 
United-Tech's website, it seems very promising, and it seems like it would be a good 
way to eliminate some of the mulm that inevitably builds up over time in our 
planted tanks and that leaves such a big mess in the water when you shift the 
plants around or move the gravel in that location, and I was just wondering if 
any of you had ever heard of it.


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