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Re: [APD] Corkscrewing leaves - name the deficiency

Scott wrote:
>If the Ca content is high enough, could it be that
something else is interfering with CA uptake?

Yes. I've stopped K2SO4 and MgSO3 and also 
gone down in KNO3 dosage.

Total hardness 3.6 degrees.

My dosage in my 300-litres-tank after each (big)
wc is as follows:
30 ml Tropica Mastegrow
(gives me 0,79 ppm K, 0,39 ppm Mg, 0,07 ppm Fe)
2 ml of my Mikro
(gives me 0,13 ppm Fe)
1 tsp KNO3
(gives me 7.22 ppm K and 11 ppm N)
20 ml KH2PO4 (2 tsp in 200 ml)
(gives me 2.2 ppm PO4)

So the K is probably lower than Ca. The Boron
is high (Ca-deficiency is sometimes confused with
Boron-deficiency). The Mg is low.

This was interesting:

It has gone through my mind to actually do some
extreme vacuuming to be able to sort out the substrate.

And I have actually put some chalkboard pieces in 
the substrate aproximately by this plant roots some 
months ago. Will check where they are.

Another clue(?) is that nitrate-uptake seems really 
low despite DOC-free water and plenty of PO4.

Daniel Larsson

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