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[APD] Re: corkscrew leaves

The plant in Daniel's photograph had a pronounced twist only on the older
leaves.  The newer leaves have a slight curl at the tip that might be related,
but the symptom certainly isn't as advanced.  For some reason I can't link to
the photo any more, but my recollection is that the older leaves may also have
some minor color distortions.

I think the symptom indicates a deficiency in a mobile nutrient; that would
rule out problems with calcium, boron and many trace elements.  Daniel is
dosing with a trace mix so I don't suspect a trace metal deficiency.  A
toxicity is still possible.

A deficiency in a macro or minor nutrient is also possible.  Knowing no more
than I do I put potassium and magnesium fairly high on my list of suspects.

Roger Miller
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