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Re: [APD] RE: MTS -- or - Eliminating Unwanted Creatures at a Snail's Pace

I had MTs and they weren't difficult to eradicate at all.
They only came out when the lights when off. Then like a
lilliputian army they scrambled out of the Flourite.

I got some clown loaches and after a couple of weeks, there
were still MTS in the tank, coming out at night. I posted
about it and someone advised, just wait, the loaches will
get them all.  They did.  IN a few more weeks they were
gone. Not a single sign of them again since. I suppose a
few might still be in the Flourite, years laters, but if
they poke their eyes abvoe the substrate, loach food.

Scott H.
--- Greg Idemoto <gidemoto at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Although many people seem to like them, I hate them with
> a passion. 
> Actually, I hate all snails, I dont' think they are
> neccesary. They populate 
> too fast, sometimes eat plants and generally are just a
> pest. Also, they are 
> unsightly IMO.
> But about the MTS, they are the most difficult snail to
> eradicate (if not 
> impossible). Although loaches and puffers will eat them,
> they are 
> notoriously difficult to completely eradicate since they
> burrow during the 
> day and only come out during the night. Also, since they
> are hermaphroditic, 
> you can start an entire population with just one snail.
> Also, becuase of 
> their burrowing ability, they can burrow deep enough to
> avoid chemical and 
> bleach eradication, as well as drying out the gravel.
> >
> >What is your opinions on Malaysian trumpeter snails? Do
> you like them in
> >your planted tanks? I would like to know before I add
> them in to my
> >tank. Any considerations?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Randy
> >
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