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[APD] RE: spot algae

Tom Barr Wrote:

>No, the algae will stay. You wil,l just have to be patient till the new
>growth comes in. You can leave the algae that's there if you really want,
>my take is always to remove all the algae that's present through trimming,
>scrubbing, cleaning eqwuipment/glass etc, clean filters etc and then do a
>good water change etc.
Ok, I will try this, though the algae seems very persistent on the
leaves, I'd probably damage them and end up trimming them either way. 
I guess I'll make some assessment on which would be better to do.

>Repeat as need as you fix the problem of CO2, PO4, NO3 etc.
>If there's only a little plant biomass left after a trim, use a cheap easy
>to grow plant till the plants you like fill in.
Alright, I guess I got stuck with a nasty one :-(  The algae I've had in
the past has been easier to remedy and remove once it's been warded
off.  I appreciate your feedback.

-Dave T.

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