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RE: [APD] RE: spot algae

>  My main
> concern is now, some of the covered plants, will they recover on their
> own?  Cleaning with H202, how do you suggest that's done (it would take
> me a whole day, too, it seems like if I had to do it by hand ;)
> Thanks again,
> Dave T.

No, the algae will stay. You wil,l just have to be patient till the new
growth comes in. You can leave the algae that's there if you really want,
my take is always to remove all the algae that's present through trimming,
scrubbing, cleaning eqwuipment/glass etc, clean filters etc and then do a
good water change etc.
Repeat as need as you fix the problem of CO2, PO4, NO3 etc.
If there's only a little plant biomass left after a trim, use a cheap easy
to grow plant till the plants you like fill in.

Main thing is to try and keep the plant biomass high, it does not matter
what type of plants, as long as there's enough. Keeping the algae biomass
low by trimming scrubbing etc works very well and is along this same idea.

With time the plants will fill in well, but the leaves are not really
contributing ot the plant's over all health or production when it's covered
in algae. Adult established algae will hang on for a very long time and
removal typically damages the leaves. Try the H2O2 thing and if that does
not work, just wait it out till you want to prune or prune now and add
cheapy plants.

Tom Barr  

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