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Re: [APD] Recipe for fertilizer

Hi Scott, I would like to also recommend www.gregwatson.com
for dry ferts and he also sells for $4.39 a set of spoons for
dry-ferting the tank. Fast, courteous service, and I've been
quite pleased with his products.

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> Excellent source of traces is either Flourish or Tropica
> Master Grow.  You can get them at a good price from
> Bigalsonline.com.
> For Potasium (Potassium Sulfate) and Nitrate (potassium
> nitrate) try www.litemanu.com. Cheap by the pound and will
> last for ages. If you need phosphate, they have that too.
> Dry form is very easy to measure. that should have you
> covered.
> Scott H.

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