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Re: [APD] Blown Ballast

Probably, running off of one set of red wires (one bulb) is
okay, depending on what's blown in the ballast. If he
ballast and bulb both are not overheating, then you're
probably okay. However, your best bet is to ask Kim at

Also, the ballast can be replaced relatively inexpensively
with a Fulham Workhorse 5. I expect you can get one from
AHS since you bought the kit from there. But also you can
get one from a number of other sources. 

One source is: 


If they have them in stock (a workhorse 7 can also be used
for 2x55.

Another source is


select "Ballasts", then "next" until you get to the
workhorse ballasts -- about $30 for W5 at this site last I

another source is


about $25 for a W5 here.

another source is 


about $30 here.

This is the first Fulham I've heard about failing. They are
generally very reliable.

good luck,
Scott H.
--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have AH Supply's 4x55W bright kits. Today one of the
> lights started to flicker, snap, and smoke. I turned the
> lights off & on restarting the same thing happened -
> without the smoke. I tried a different bulb but it also
> doesn't work. I have two questions:
> 1. 2 lights run off the same ballast - can the ballast be
> 1/2 bad?
> 2. Is it bad for the system to run it with one light
> uninstalled?
> Thanks,
> Rachel
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