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Re: [APD] Recipe for fertilizer

Excellent source of traces is either Flourish or Tropica
Master Grow.  You can get them at a good price from

For Potasium (Potassium Sulfate) and Nitrate (potassium
nitrate) try www.litemanu.com. Cheap by the pound and will
last for ages. If you need phosphate, they have that too.
Dry form is very easy to measure. that should have you

Scott H.

--- James Hogan <spree_rider at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Hi, i need a new way to fertilize my tank,  i don't need
> any more phosphate 
> in my water as it is already way too high.  I need a
> recipe that has easy to 
> find components because i live in a small town and there
> arn't many shops 
> that sell, well, anything.  I also would like the recipe
> to include as many 
> micronutrients as possible as there is no where here to
> buy aquarium ferts 
> of anykind.  

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