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Re: [APD] chloramine/chlorine


Where is there an LFS on Cape Cod?
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  Just an FYI...chloramine can be available even in water that doesn't have it added at a water plant, and has actually been in some midwestern water since chlorine was first used by municipal water plants. It can occure from runoff from farms and other secondary ammonia sources getting into the aquafer combining w/ chlorine at the plant- no rhyme or reason to it either, sometimes it's there sometimes it's not depending on many variables like rainfall and time of year. Also some older homes will have bacteria/microscopic invert colonies in the pipes/hot water heaters which can produce enough ammonia to cause issues, especially when these homes have wells...I see this all the time on Cape Cod where I work in a LFS, customers bring in water samples BEFORE putting in their first fish and are shocked to discover they have been drinking fish killing levels of ammonia/nitrites/nitrates. The highest nitrate level I can recall was off the scale for the mardel 5 in 1 test but that was !
   a quite a
   bit higher than average. I guess unless you are using filtered or "RO" water I guess it's best to always play it safe and treat for both.

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