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[APD] Slow-growing plants

I've been wondering for some time about the amount and origin of organic
chemicals in aquarium water and how that might relate to algae growth and
other possible aquarium problems.

Some of the plants we keep seem to be inherently slow-growing.  Anubias, 
most crypts and many ferns, for instance.  If a plant or an algae is 
"hard wired" for slow growth then how does it control that growth under 
high light, high-CO2 conditions?

Slow-growing plants often are very dark green so they seem to have plenty 
of chlorophyll.  Many of those plants appear to lack pigments that might 
mask the chlorophyll.  Do they have some means of slowing down the rate 
of photosynthesis?  Do they allow photosynthesis to proceed at a high rate, 
but then release the fixed carbon?  Are there other possibilities or 
combinations of possibilities?

Roger Miller
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