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[APD] Re: Lighting

Hi Roeland,

It looks like you've been using about 4 Watts/gal over your 60 liter tank.
I think that at that rate you could stand some light fall off with the old
age of the bulbs.  If you really like the look that the bulbs give your
tank, and the plants are doing fine I would wait until they are obviously
defective, or burn out.  I think the Gro-lux are the pinkish bulbs if I
remember correctly.  If you like the look of the Gro-lux I wouldn't hesitate
to mix a Gro-lux bulb with any daylight type bulb.  I like the Philips bulbs
here in the USA.  The 40 Watt bulbs are about $3.50 each at Home Depot, 6500
K, 84 CRI, 2325 lumens, and rated at 20,000 hours.  After a year and a half
I see negligible degradation.

Steve Pituch

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