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Re: [APD] lightning

Quoting Roeland Grommen <roeland_grommen at UGent.be>:

> Hello,
> The fluorescent tubes (2 x 30 W) above my 60 liter aquarium are about 2
> years old and it is about time to change them. At this moment I use a
> Dennerle TROCAL plant and a Gro-Lux from Sylvania. I had quite good results
> with this comibation in the past, but since the Dennerle tubes are quite
> expensive compared to the Sylvania tubes, I would like to ask if somebody
> has any experience with combining Gro-Lux with a Daylightstar from Sylvania?
> Best regards,
> Roeland

What will probably help your growth most is changing the bulbs more often. 
Fluorescent bulbs will burn for years, but their intensity drops drastically 
over time. Even though you can't tell the difference, the plants can. Most 
people recommend changing bulbs every 6 months, IMO you can push them a little 
longer (and probably will by accident... kind of like an oil change). As for 
the difference between those two bulbs, I have never used either. I imagine 
you will probably notice a big difference despite which one you use just 
because you will have a fresh bulb. If the one is less expensive and will 
allow you to change the lamps more often, I would use that one. If you buy one 
that is so expensive that you try to use it forever to "get your moneys 
worth", it will probably do more harm than good.
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