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[APD] Massive Fish Kill

Ok... I had an expensive learning lessen Monday morning.. and would like
input so it doesn't happen again.

Sunday we did a 30% water change on a 45 gallon planted tank. I added  a
couple of caps of fluorish iron and Fluorish. This may have been foolish...
but I thought it was way look on ferts so didn't even think about it.being
stupid. I didn't do any tests on the water as everything was looking healthy
with no problems.. fish and plants. I added co2 through a DYI.  There was a
surge of CO2 as I lowered the water level but this has not caused a problem
in the past so I wasn't concerned.

Monday morning I woke up to 95% dead fish.... 3 Altums, 3 Clown Loaches, 5
Rainbow fish, 5 cardinals, 2 SAE's. ACK!!!!!!

I immediatly pulled out water to test.... and then did a 50% water change.
After the water change I tested the water I pulled out before the water
change. The PH was off the chart (for the low range) of my Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals Kit.  Ammonia was 0, Nitrites was 0. I then tested tap
water... off the charts as well. (not usual for Portland Oregon water!).
After water change I thought to test to see what the levels for CO2 were and
Iron to see if I poisened the fish from not being careful with the ferts.
Iron was .01 and Co2 was 8 ( I think I remember that right) tested with a
Red Sea test kit. So.. even with a 50% water change of the Iron and Co2 was
doubled it wouldn't be enough to cause the kill, or would it?

I again tested the PH after the 50% water change and it was still of the
charts...so I added 1 TSP of calcium carbinate to bring it down.. which it
did to 6.5.

I can only figure that the tap water was such a high PH that it caused a
huge ph swing and that is the culprit.

The remaining fish... one pair of Rainbows, on Honey Gourmami and 5
cardinals are looking great.

Any input or advice is welcome.. but please no demeaning remarks.... I have
all ready done that to myself.


John Van Rees

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