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Re: [APD] Praziquantel and loaches

Greetings Rob,
It sounds like you have a case of nematodes. It's a death sentence , and the
sooner that you can pull the fish the better. These parasites will hatch out
in a wave of babies that will hit all your fish.
BTW, the only cure is to strip the intestines manually or probe and dislodge
the parasite, this is a very difficult procedure for even the best Vet.
I have yet to hear of another effective treatment, IMHO.
I'm sure that there are cures, will they work?
If there is a market for it someone will fill the gap whether it works or
All the best,
Mark & Peta, Max & Sam Bethke
mbethke at socal_rr.com
8450 Canby Ave.
91325 3704

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Subject: [APD] Praziquantel and loaches

> I have a problem with Camalanus sp. and I need to treat the tank as a
> as I have seen the red worms protruding from the anal vent from two
> It came in on some imported cichlids and also got to my bala sharks (I
> I should have used a QT tank :-) I'll never make that mistake again.
> I have tried para-ex which cleared the sharks but I can still see a tiny
> worm or two from the cichlids.
> My problem is I'd like to try Praziquantel but it's marked as not safe for
> loaches and I have macracanthus and modesta species in my tank. I have
> looked at the documentation on a few brands and only the one I have
> loaches (yet no mention of catfish) yet the data sheet on the others says
> safe for all tropicals (the one I purchased was the best value).
> I noticed Walter was going to use on a tank with loaches but I could not
> find a mention of how he went.
> Has anyone else used it on a tank with loaches?
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