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Re: [APD] Massive Fish Kill

--- John Van Rees <revjohn at spiritone_com> wrote:
>.  . . After water change I thought to test to see
>  what the
> levels for CO2 were and
> Iron to see if I poisened the fish from not being careful
> with the ferts.
> Iron was .01 and Co2 was 8 ( I think I remember that
> right) tested with a
> Red Sea test kit. 

di you measure KH and pH and use the table or jsut use a
CO2 test kit. Very hard to get a useful reading from a CO2
test kit, ime -- I think the margin of error is about

> So.. even with a 50% water change of
> the Iron and Co2 was
> doubled it wouldn't be enough to cause the kill, or would
> it?
> I again tested the PH after the 50% water change and it
> was still of the
> charts...so I added 1 TSP of calcium carbinate to bring
> it down.. which it
> did to 6.5.
> I can only figure that the tap water was such a high PH
> that it caused a
> huge ph swing and that is the culprit.

Or had more gas in it than usual -- maybe CO2 so it
plummeted your pH and the calcium carbonate brought it back
up to 6.5.
Scott H.

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