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RE: [APD] dead bio-balls


I don't have a trickle filter, but I have had my turtle filter (canister) turned off for approx. 48 hours with no problems when it got air-locked and my husband unplugged it and forgot to tell me.  I should note that there are ammonia absorbing chips and carbon in her filter.  The planted tank filters have been okay after 24 hours.  I should also note that this was in the winter with a house temp of approx. 72 degrees F, not in the middle of summer.  I would think that as long as the bio-balls didn't dry out they'd be okay for a while.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the bacteria goes dormant in the absence of food.  

revance at indiana_edu asked:

Does anybody have an idea of how long a trickle filter can be turned off 
before the bacteria will start to die off? I have a small pump running on a 
UPS to help prevent this from happening in a power outage, but was just kind 
of wondering "what if". We get some pretty big storms and toronadoes here at 
this time of year, so there is a possibility that the power will go out for 
longer than the UPS can last. I would hate for the bacteria to die off and 
then foul up the water when it comes back on. I realize there are many 
variables in this question... I am just looking for a rough estimate.


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