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[APD] dead bio-balls

Does anybody have an idea of how long a trickle filter can be turned off 
before the bacteria will start to die off? I have a small pump running on a 
UPS to help prevent this from happening in a power outage, but was just kind 
of wondering "what if". We get some pretty big storms and toronadoes here at 
this time of year, so there is a possibility that the power will go out for 
longer than the UPS can last. I would hate for the bacteria to die off and 
then foul up the water when it comes back on. I realize there are many 
variables in this question... I am just looking for a rough estimate.


P.S.  I have tried really hard to stay out of the "garbage" debate but I will 
add in my 2 cents...  I understand that junk is annoying, but nobody is ever 
going to agree with each other on the subject and nothing is going to change. 
I hate to be a pessimist, but you have to be realistic. If that stuff really 
bothers you I would suggest you not receive it in digest form. Get each 
message separately, that way it is easier to read, you don't get the header 
junk, and if you just plain don't like someone (or their signature) you can 
delete their messages without ever looking at them. Personally I don't 
encourage ignoring messages... even if you dislike or disagree with someone, 
you can still learn from them. I will admit, there have been messages that I 
have disregarded/ignored but that was because I knew from the subject line I 
had nothing to gain or contribute to the conversation. I used to get it in 
digest form and am happy I switched, I think individual messages are MUCH more 
convenient and easier to read! (just my opinion of course) It would be nice if 
we started to shift away from the "garbage" issue and more towards aquatic 
related issues (like my bio ball question).

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