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RE: [APD] dead bio-balls

Quoting Debbie Dowding <ddowding at len-ind_com>:

> Russ,
> I don't have a trickle filter, but I have had my turtle filter (canister)
> turned off for approx. 48 hours with no problems when it got air-locked and
> my husband unplugged it and forgot to tell me.  I should note that there are
> ammonia absorbing chips and carbon in her filter.  The planted tank filters
> have been okay after 24 hours.  I should also note that this was in the
> winter with a house temp of approx. 72 degrees F, not in the middle of
> summer.  I would think that as long as the bio-balls didn't dry out they'd be
> okay for a while.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that
> the bacteria goes dormant in the absence of food.  

What I was really curious about was the "drying out" problem. Obviously it 
will be very damp and humid in the chamber the bio balls are in... will that 
moisture in the air help keep the bacteria alive? I have always used a trickle 
filter, but have never had to worry about it because we had a generator (the 
power went out all the time). Now that we have moved, the neighborhood doesnt 
have the same power outage reputation, so I didn't want to spend the money on 
a generator. Now that all I have is a UPS, it is possible this could be a 
problem. Probably just paranoia
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