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[APD] Re: Killis -- and arched back disease

I am interested in any info others may have on this arched back that Mark
mentions. I had a zebra danio that had it or something like it. Makes me
wonder if he was a snail eater -- after the rosy barb started eating snails
and was removed I still found a few additional empty MTS shells. I've been
feeding MTS to the big blood parrot in the cichlid tank who crunches through
them instantly, I dont want to infect that big guy with anything nasty from
those snails. I do recall reading a post somewhere about a woman who
contracted fishTB from smashing snails with her bare hand and being cut by
one. Does fish TB or any other parasite or bacteria cause that arched back?

Ann Viverette

 Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 19:58:25 -0800
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> Thank you Thomas, I have had the golden killies for a while now and they
> very interesting. I did lose a large guy who let me pet his side if I fed
> him snails. he got a strange disease that made his back arched . It's too
> bad, couldn't find anything ibn the books on how to treat much less what
> disease was? I know have two males and three females (the females are the
> lighter colored and smaller aren't they?).
> Mark J. Bethke

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