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Re: [APD] Re: Garbage on the list

Agreed! I personally could care less what else is in a message, be it
advertisements or personal quotes/signatures. I read what I want to read and
ignore the rest....kind of like when you watch tv. If you dont want to
watch/read it, change the channel.

Kevin Simms
Corpus Christi, TX

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> jppurchase at jppurchase at rogers_com wrote:
> > If you are using Yahoo or another "free" service to access the APD, fine
> > you. But there are those of us who pay to access the Internet and
> > send/receive e-mail WITHOUT commercial interruption. A "bit of
> > from time to time" might not bother some, but it wrankles the rest of
us -
> > turn it OFF, please.
> You can't turn it off. And frankly, I'd rather read 100 helpful posts
> in "Do you Yahoo!?" than one arrogant, self-righteous post ending in
> "Toronto."
> Dan Dixon
> A Brief History of Canada: http://imao.us/docs/BriefHistoryOfCanada.htm

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