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[APD] Which Rotala?

I have two varieties of Rotala, both of which were sold to me as Rotala indica. I used to think that the difference in their appearances was because they were being grown under very different lighting/CO2/substrate/water parameters. Recently, though, I moved some so that both varieties are growing in the same tank - and they do not appear to be the same plant.

One of them I think is Rotala rotundifolia, as described in the Kasselmann book. It has much rounder leaves. In the high light, high-everything tank, it grows nice and reddish. In the other, low light tank, it grows bright green. Leaf size & shape is the same in both tanks. Here is a so-so picture of it:


The other I think is really Rotala indica, which Kasselman says is a different species from Rotala indica. Its leaves are much more needle like. It too will go reddish under the higher light conditions. Here is another so-so photo, but at least you can see that the leaves are much narrower.


Any Rotala gurus out there who can clear this up?


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