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[APD] Fertilizer package

Just wanted to let everyone know I finally bought a fair amount of ferts from Greg's site www.gregwatson.com.  The package came today (as promised, about 4 days).  Each chemical was clearly labelled and contained the [in]famous PMDD formula by Sears/Colin.  The CSM Plantex was well labelled with a breakdown of each ingredient (undoubtedly from their actual packaging?).  I'm excited to see the results of my much higher plant load (ala aquaticplantdepot.com) and ferts (ala gregwatson.com) along with my pc lights, co2 injection and home-made bio-filter.  The only thing missing now that I've mentioned is a good test kit to be sure I don't screw it all up!

Thanks Greg for your support to the community!

-Dave T.
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