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Re: [APD] newbie lighting questions

If you're going over 2 watts per gallon (wpg), then you
will have plenty of light even if the lights are foot above
the tank.

If you're not going to use CO2, then 2 wpg will be plenty
-- more and you will be fighting algae much of the time.

There is no precise amount of light that's *just right* and
there is no standardized way to assess lamp setups for
precise comparisons. Different lamps, even with the same
bulbs in them, will shine diff amounts of light into an
aquarium. Diff ballasts, diff refletors -- these effect the
amount of light reaching the plants. Luckily, plants are
living things and adapt somewhat. The more light you put on
most plants, the faster plants can grow, *provided that*
growth isn't limited by nutrients or lack of CO2. Once they
are limited by one of those, the 

S. Hieber

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