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[APD] RE: 20 gal

> http://rubick.com:8002/aquarium/fertilization, i've come up with this for
> 20 gallon tank....

I'm often amazed at how much folks discuss what I say:)

> Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon of kno3, 1/4 teaspoon of k2so4, a pinch of kh2po4,
> along with 5ml of TMG.
> -> (figure i don't need calcium or magnesium dosage since my water is
> already pretty hard-+8 GH- and i have an open top aquaruim so when the
> evaporates I get the 2 left in my aquarium anyways.)
> This dosage i will do twice a week, along with water changes.
> How does that sound?

Well, you don't need the K2SO4, unless you have high NO3 in the tap water,
and then you can delete the KNO3 and add K2SO4 instawed or a little of both
depending on your NO3 levels.
Most folks likely have moderate fish loads so adding 1/4 teaspoon(roughly
10-11ppm per dose) 2 x aweek is fine and should not cause the NO3 to run
out for long.
Some max uptake rates are about 3-4ppm per day.

Bacteria alone seem to have trouble removing more than 1-1.5 ppm per day in
special denitifying filter set ups(De-NO3 coils).  

> Also, at the hydoponics store I saw trace mix. Is this better than TMG or
> about the same? I'm guessing it would be cheaper..... If i were to do the
> trace mix after
> I run out of TMG, how much should I dose each time with the trace mix? 1/4
> teaspoon each dosage? Less? More?

No, make a liquid solution. See what the concentration will be at adding X
amount of Traces to X amount of water. Try and match them up to the TMG

> ..Another thing for Tom.... I had stated earlier that i use a diy external
> reactor.. based on your design i guess... using pvc tubing and bio balls.


> Isn't the external reactor more effecient or was it that you missed that i
> had an external reactor in place already.. 

Missed it.

anyways, I have a pressurized co2
> system on order so i will be getting my co2 levels up soon...
> again, thanks guys
> BYron

The Gas tank CO2 is easy to adjust to whatever level you want, you can
experiment around with the DIY brew to get more/less production of gas and
to achieve the CO2 level you want but it takes some work.
Make sure you have plenty of plants in there and remove any algae, decaying
plants etc then do the water change and dose after.

Tom Barr

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