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[APD] RE: 20 gal

> Thanks for the advice Tom,
> About KNO3, is there a special aquarium brand i should get? Or is this
> normal Garden fertilizer? Where should I get it?
> Byron

Most places like Lowes, Canadian Tire, Home Depot carry stump remover, Greg
Watson I think sells it etc. You should be able to find it locally.
I like Grant's or Cooke's brands but I've never heard negative reports
using the other brands so far.

CO2 is the big key for you. Error on the higher side, test the pH in the
evening right before the lights go off.
Compare that to the am reading when the lights come on.Try to keeo the CO2
at 20-30ppm during this period.
Consider a power head style CO2 reactor, or internal reactor like the plant
guild power reactor. Both of these work well and will maximize the CO2 from
the DIY source.

Once you deal with that, then go after NO3.
K+ next (get enough from KNO3)
And then PO4(do you add this? Fleet enema/KH2PO4 can be added)
Lastly, Traces(you have plenty based on your routine)
You add these and keep up on the CO2, the tank should do quite well.

You can run the tank richer, leaner depending on what you feel the tank
likes but this is a middle value range that will keep things from running
out which causes more issues than excesses(and the 50% weekly water change
takes care of any of that.) If you have a few more fish, add a little less
KNO3 etc.
Otherwise prune, trim, dose, water change and keep up on things.
Try 2x a week 50% water changes if you want to really clean things up and
dose afterwards.

Tom Barr

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