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[APD] RE: Test kits.

I will certainly second George's post about test kits.
Much of the advancement done concerning RO water, PO4, certainly NO3, K+,
Fe etc were done using good test kits like the Lamott and Hach and all
things concerning CO2 certainly are much better with a pH moniter with
probe or a pH pen that works well. 

If you want to make some sense out of things, these are worth the cost.
You may find some cheap kits might get you by, but test them against know
standards to double check if the test valid. This is standard methods for

FYI, you can order a great many things from Aquatic Eco-systems, Inc
1-877-347-4788  www.aquaticeco.com, they sell both Hach and Lamott kits,
spects etc.
They sell all sorts of useful, goodies for the aquarist really.
Beside test kits:
Epoxy in large amounts for marine applications
Huge sand filters
Bag micron filters(useful if you want to replace a bio section in a wet dry
20 pore open cell foam in large sheets, 
Fiberglass tank backgrounds, 
foam rock
RFUG's from Azoo
Media, hoses, fitting of all sizes, airstones of every size and shape,
higher pressure stones, useful for CO2, CO2 glass diffusers(cheap too)
Hydroponics, very nice nets
Blowout pipettes(useful for measuring larger amounts of traces)
Lots of fun stuff many might find useful and the prices are good.
Tom Barr

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