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[APD] RE: Test kits.

Speaking of test kits, I need a good Iron test kit within a reasonable
budget range.  Right now I have an Iron test kit from (I believe)
Aquarium Pharamceuticals.  The test is incredibly hard to read for me,
the difference from 0 to 0.1ppm would probably be pretty damn close to
impossible for me to tell.  Can anyone recommend a good Fe test kit
(within a reasonable price, $70 listed at Tom's suggested sight is _way_
too much for me ;-)?

On 2/12/2004, "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

>I will certainly second George's post about test kits.
>Much of the advancement done concerning RO water, PO4, certainly NO3, K+,
>Fe etc were done using good test kits like the Lamott and Hach and all
>things concerning CO2 certainly are much better with a pH moniter with
>probe or a pH pen that works well.
>If you want to make some sense out of things, these are worth the cost.
>You may find some cheap kits might get you by, but test them against know
>standards to double check if the test valid. This is standard methods for
>FYI, you can order a great many things from Aquatic Eco-systems, Inc
>1-877-347-4788  www.aquaticeco.com, they sell both Hach and Lamott kits,
>spects etc.
>They sell all sorts of useful, goodies for the aquarist really.
>Beside test kits:
>Epoxy in large amounts for marine applications
>Huge sand filters
>Bag micron filters(useful if you want to replace a bio section in a wet dry
>20 pore open cell foam in large sheets,
>Fiberglass tank backgrounds,
>foam rock
>RFUG's from Azoo
>Media, hoses, fitting of all sizes, airstones of every size and shape,
>higher pressure stones, useful for CO2, CO2 glass diffusers(cheap too)
>Hydroponics, very nice nets
>Blowout pipettes(useful for measuring larger amounts of traces)
>Lots of fun stuff many might find useful and the prices are good.
>Tom Barr
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