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Re: [APD] RE: Test kits.

And they sell clear acrylic tubing that you can use to make
external reactors.

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> . . . FYI, you can order a great many things from Aquatic
> Eco-systems, Inc
> 1-877-347-4788  www.aquaticeco.com, they sell both Hach
> and Lamott kits,
> spects etc.
> They sell all sorts of useful, goodies for the aquarist
> really.
> Beside test kits:
> Epoxy in large amounts for marine applications
> Huge sand filters
> Bag micron filters(useful if you want to replace a bio
> section in a wet dry
> etc)
> 20 pore open cell foam in large sheets, 
> Fiberglass tank backgrounds, 
> foam rock
> RFUG's from Azoo
> Media, hoses, fitting of all sizes, airstones of every
> size and shape,
> higher pressure stones, useful for CO2, CO2 glass
> diffusers(cheap too)
> Hydroponics, very nice nets
> Blowout pipettes(useful for measuring larger amounts of
> traces)
> Lots of fun stuff many might find useful and the prices
> are good.

S. Hieber

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