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[APD] Plant tank substrate going anerobic goin anae

Hey gang,

I'm currently re-doing a display tank at work. Its been setup a few months - no major algae issues that i wont be able to deal with but i do have one concern. The soil is showing signs of becoming anerobic. If you press on it, or when you uproot plants to re-plant - large gas bubbles come up outa the substrate. These smell really bad - i'm guessing this is hydrogen sulfide gas. The substrate is about 3" deep and MTS are in the tank. I know most platned tanks do not commonly show this, i've never seen it at home even with 6" of substrate in my 90 gallon.

My main guess would be simply that the subtrate used in this tank is potting soil under about 1.5" of gravel. (the tank was origionally setup and run via the Diana Walstead method) I've never run a tank like this, and dont plan to continue, but i'm wondering if its worth actually completely tearing down this tank and replacing the substrate, or if you al beleive i can revive this with good solid plant growth and no ill effect to the fish. If need be i'm sure i can talk them into setting up a much better substrate system - i'm jjust trying to look at this from the store's point of view. I know they've already spent a significant ammount of money on this tank - so at this point, cost is potentially a issue to me.

Current changes i've already made

* split almost ALL the stems and replanted the tops
* two heavy water changes
* added PMDD style fertilization
* Removed surface turblance (they have the hagen system on the tank, and the powerhead was pointing up to the surface, driving all the co2 off - gee, go figure huh?)


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