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[APD] Neat/Cheap 10x Loupe for looking at plants

I just got a nice 10x Loupe for $12 from the Amateur Geologist (the BelOMO,
from Belarusia).  I usually lose 1 or 2 more expensive Loupes a year.  These
little magnifiers add a whole new degree of appreciation to moss, riccia,
algae, and anything else with fine structure.  I always carry one when I
walk in the woods or bog.  The BelOMO is great deal.

A bit of trivia for Agatha Christie fans:  The best Loupes have 3 lens and
are called "Hastings" as is Hercule Perot's sidekick.


(Disclaimer:  I have no interest in the AG, just a satisfied customer.)

Joe K

In icy Takoma Park, MD

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