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Re: [APD] RE: WPG vs. lux or Allgayer Teton table conversion

On 05/02/2004, at 3:40 AM, Steve Pushak wrote:

Scotty Extemporized (Scott-E, eh) :

Hmmmm. Didn't we have this class last year, and the year
before, and the . . . ?

There are numerous discussions in the APD about watts per gallon. Sifting
for non-existent information would be fruitless.

Let me rephrase my question/objective: I'm looking for a way to relate or
convert the Allgayer Teton lux tables for specific aquatic plants to a watts
per gallon (WPG) rating for those plants.

Then why didn't you ask THAT?

Instead you referenced 2 totally unrelated postings, and postings that were talking about different things at that, suggested 1500-2000 lux was a reasonable target and then said that 2000 lux wasn't necessary, and gave different and competing assumptions for the responses you were looking for from each of the 2 posts you provided links to. And, to make matters worse, you never mentioned the Allgayer Teton lux tables or indicated that you were looking for a conversion for them. You didn't even ask about WPG equivalents except for a range from 1500-2000 lux which is quite a deal different to the range covered in the Allgayer Teton table.

Hypotheticals are OK, but this is getting plain ridiculous. There was so much confusion in your original query that I couldn't see how anyone could hope to answer it coherently, and now it transpires that you're asking for a table to convert advice in a book you didn't even mention in your post.

And what a table you want, given that any answer is going to have to account for the differences in efficiency of different lighting types, height of lights above the water, diffuser/reflector characteristics, water depth, water colour or purity, and presence or absence of algae on interior surfaces. No one I know of has ever composed such a table and I doubt there is one because if there was, we would all know about it.

Finally, you said:

Steve P  feeling Pithy this morning ;-)
(joke at your peril) >:-[

Just to ensure my safety, may I state quite categorically that I am not joking! This post makes your first post even more ridiculous because it indicates that you didn't ask for what you wanted so I really don't feel that you're in a position to criticise respondents who don't give you what you were after.

David Aiken

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