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[APD] RE: "low" light and Rotala

> From: Joey Choochootrain <hubbahubbahehe at yahoo_com>
> Subject: [APD] Rotala Macrandra under medium light
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> Hi Mr. Tom Barr, are you there?  or anyone else that can answer this
question.   I think i remember you saying that you can grow all plants in 2
wpg  or is it 3 wpg (it was back when you were talking about glosso grown
under lower lighting), i forget, but that's why i'm asking,    can rotala
macrandra be grown under those same conditions???

2 watts a gallon.
I have plenty of prime examples as do every single person in SFBAAPS can
attest to also including Neil Frank, Karen, Claus et al.
Steve's tank as done by him and later Jeff Kropp and now folks at Albany.
It's a standard 24" deep tank also, no super duper lights really.

It's 2.1 w/gal, had beautiful Glossostigma, Rotala, E. tennellus, Crypts,
Eustralis, whatever nice plant you want to add.
Standard 2-3 mm lapis lustar sand+laterite etc.It's also being done to a
very high level of aquascaping.

I really do NOT care what other folks want to claim about Gloss etc being
high light plants, I and many other folks have seen it and KNOW it works
with LOW to moderate light. If it cannot be done how is it possible we are
all wrong for so many years?  

It is simple: we are not.
It's not Tom Barr shoehorning his "methods".
My "methods" are simply an amalgam of many folk's experiences and research.
They are not "mine", they are everyones. 

Tom Barr 

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