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Re: [APD] Re: Bubbles? -- or - Where did the flow go?

Actually, let me rephrase to clear this up, this being the third time
someone misunderstood my problem I guess it was just clearer in my head.

The airline from my CO2 tank comes out of the needle valve, through a
check valve then down the line to the intake for the reactor (but not
_at_ the reactor).  Now, I didn't drill a hole in the reactor
specifically for the airline.  I had an irrigation tap in the output
line from the pump (nylon return tube).  I put the airline on that
tap...so when the pump is on water is forced up the airline.  There is a
check valve after the needle valve (you can see it on the left in the
reactor picture) so I wasn't nervous about it returning to the tank and
causing problems.  However, it seems I won't get a regular flow when the
airline has to build pressure to go back to the pump return.

The question is/was:  How can I reduce the backpressure of water on the
airline from the pump return to the CO2 tank?

My next question is, if I turn over the flow through the reactor (so it's
closer to the proper design ;-) are the bubbles really going to flow
upwards/trap?  I have a 750g/hr. pump, rated at this head it flows
~500g/hr.  I don't know fluid dynamics so this is a big problem!  The
pump return is a 3/4" nylon tub that goes to some adapting fittings of
PVC pipe, which eventually reaches 1-1/2" PVC, so a 2x growth in volume.
 Will the flow be slow enough to allow the bubbles to rise/trap in the
ractor chamber?

I think that's enough for today ;-)  I don't need to write another novel.

-Dave T.

On 2/4/2004, "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:

>> > -How do I reduce the reverse pressure of the
>> pump->airline->regulator?
>Ah. Goofy me. I really missunderstood. You meant how do you
>reduce the head, the resistance to the water flow?
>Use large pipe/tubing, fewer bends, and or a larger
>diameter reactor.
>Or get a nice QuietOne and just "worry" about how much you
>have to turn down the ball valve to restrict the plentiful
>flow ;-)
>Scott H.
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