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Re: [APD] Re: Compatibility of Rosy Barbs & other fish with Freshwater

Mine have taken huge bites from time to time from the
anubias, even the mature leaves. But java fern? That's one
heck of an appetite!

Scott H.
--- Ann Viverette <annv777 at houston_rr.com> wrote:
> I never saw my rosy barb "Rosie the Barbarian" eating
> Amano shrimp, but she
> consumed so many ghost shrimp within minutes of them
> being added to the
> tank, I really thought she might burst. One ghost shrimp,
> of maybe 40,
> survived a week. I also watched her attack MTS, grabbing
> a large one and
> smashing it against the glass until she could suck it out
> of its shell. Only
> large MTS were attacked, and I found several empty
> shells. When I observed
> her eating the newly unfurling leaves of the anubias nana
> and the tender new
> growth of the java fern, which had never grown many
> leaves, I took her off
> to the pet store. When her mate was alive, she did not
> have this eating
> problem, after he died, she and the two surviving
> offspring began to attack
> plants and snails. Was she substituting food for sex?

S. Hieber

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