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[APD] Re: Compatibility of Rosy Barbs & other fish with Freshwater

I never saw my rosy barb "Rosie the Barbarian" eating Amano shrimp, but she
consumed so many ghost shrimp within minutes of them being added to the
tank, I really thought she might burst. One ghost shrimp, of maybe 40,
survived a week. I also watched her attack MTS, grabbing a large one and
smashing it against the glass until she could suck it out of its shell. Only
large MTS were attacked, and I found several empty shells. When I observed
her eating the newly unfurling leaves of the anubias nana and the tender new
growth of the java fern, which had never grown many leaves, I took her off
to the pet store. When her mate was alive, she did not have this eating
problem, after he died, she and the two surviving offspring began to attack
plants and snails. Was she substituting food for sex?

Ann Viverette

> From: "Lorenzo Rota" <lorenzo1961 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: [APD] Compatibility of Rosy Barbs & other fish with
> Freshwater Shrimp( amano, etc)
> just wondering how compatible Rosy Barbs would be in a planted tank
> containing freshwater shrimp? Anyone have any experience with this combo?
> Im just concerned if the Rosy Barbs might find the shrimp a nice snack.
> Ive had no problems with Cardinal Tetras, Corys, Otos, And SAEs with
> While on subject...does anyone have any reports of problems with specific
> fish and shrimp?
> Thanks!
> regards,
> Lorenzo Rota
> Santa Cruz, CA

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