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[APD] nitrite increase and Ick treatment

After reading about the benefits adding jobes plant sticks to the substrate I decided to give it a shot so I went to the hardware store and had them order me in some jobes fern and palm sticks( these are not readily available in Ohio in the middle of winter). They are 16-2-6. I just put them in on 1/27/04 so is a little early to tell if they are doing any thing I think? I am also at the end of a "ICK" treatment. Ick I hate "ICK". I am using the product KICK-ICK which seems to have worked rather expensive. The stuff says nothing about raising temp. , its safe for plants and bio degradable. Have not done a water change in the time that the treatment has been going on. which lasted about two weeks. I have noticed a increased in nitrites but nothing else. all this is taking place in a 55gal. with co2 by fermentation, with 13 fish and full of plants. Does any one out there have any ideas as to why the nitrites increased. Is it do to the lack of water changes due to the "ICK" Treatment. Or to the addition Of the jobes fertilizer these are the only to changes in the last weeks so I think it has to be one or the other. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Brian Nadolny
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