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[APD] RFUG's once again

Today, I'm going to Lowes to buy the parts for a cpvc RFUG. After reading
numerous entries in
the archives I've decided to configure the grid thusly:

 I  I  I  I
 I  I  I  I
 I  I  I  I
 I  I  I  I

"X" is the downtube and the I's are the drainpipes coming down from the
horizontal tube all of
which will have endcaps. This is reminiscent of a graywater drainage I did
back in '78 for a log
house out in the county. Instead of drilling holes I'm thinking of adopting
Sydney Cichlid list by sawing grooves about 1/3 of the diameter of the tube
for the drainage holes. Tom's pictures on www.noe.com are no longer
available, but would like to see his finished product. The spacing between
the drainpipes: I was thinking of 2" centers for the grid.

I'm thinking this setup would be viable for grow-out tanks for young fish
where the bioload is
higher than normal. These will also be heavily planted.

Any and all advice is welcome. I'm using pvc cement, unless someone knows a
reason not to.


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