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[APD] Re: Rotala rotundifolia

Hey gang,

Greg wrote in part:
<< . . . My Rotala started growing sideways (like it
was trying to get 
much light as possible) and my glosso straight up. . .
.  >>

And then Bill queried:
>Well, OK, I'll bite.  In the search for more light,
why didn't the rotala grow straight up like the
glosso, or why didn't the glosso start growing 
sideways. like the rotala?<

Having experienced both phenomenon, I can say with
some certainty that Glossostigma will search out a
critical light level before it begins to grow
horizontal. It will actually grow straight up until
that light requirement is met and then begin to grow
horizontal. Ever have Glosso grow nice and flat
against the glass but straight up in the middle of the
tank? Next to the glass more light is reflected. New,
emmerse grown, Glossostigma tends to grow stright up
anyway-- After a short time and some trimming, it will
concede and lay flat provided that the critical light
level is met. 

I generally experience this whenever planting new,
*emmerse* grown Glosso. Once it starts going
horizontal, I find that it tends to do so even when
light stressed-- In that case it will stay flat, but
grow smaller and darker, or until it gets too shaded
and will grow up again. A body in motion tends to stay
in motion? Or perhaps it can draw energy from the
parts of the chain that are reciving enough light? I
don't know those are my guesses..

As for the Rotala's, I believe that the plant is
attempting to move itself to a more favorable local by
spreading laterally. Once it reaches either a better
location, or runs out of extra energy, it will again
grow straight up. 

I assume this is one of those cases where different
plants have different mechanisms for survival.

Best wishes,
John Wheeler


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