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[APD] RE: generalizations

Tom made a number of good points, as usual.  I agree with them, as usual, 

If I am reading correctly (and that is always a question), he and Laura seem 
to be saying the same thing, that broad generalizations aren't particularly 
helpful, that there are a lot of ways to skin the cat or kill the plant, and a 
generalization like "Plants need good light, a good substrate, and CO2" is of 
no use to a newbie or anyone else.  

I am starting to think that this is more a semantic thing than anything else.

I can't remember the name of the forum that didn't like deviations from their 
how-to-grow-plants standard rules.   The chief moderator said that they 
catered mainly to newbies and they didn't want to confuse them with too many 

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