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RE: [APD] RE: stuned grow, for Thomas Barr

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> From: Gregor Palcnik <gregor_palcnik at guest.arnes.si>
> Subject: [APD] stuned grow
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> A month ago I set up 72g plant tank
> Here are some datails: pH - 6.8, kH - 8, temp 79K (26oC), 4x36W tubes
> 12h/day, DIY C02 (3 yeast bottles), liquid and tablet fertilization
> once/week ? I keep 5 med angelfish, 4 platies, 6 rasboras, 6 tetras,
> 2 ancistrus ?

Try dosing 2-3x a week.
Do a 50% weekly water change
Dose these nutrients:
KNO3 about 1/2 teaspoon 2-3x a week
KH2PO4 or Fleet enema(A source of PO4) 2-3x a week(a trad less than
1/8teaspoon or 3-4 drops of Fleet)
Traces about 10-15mls 2-3x a week.

Start out with 2x aweek, then as plant mass increases, you might try a
little more but I think you'll be fine with 2x a week.
One thing in particular you really really need to be careful with: DIY CO2

You maty think the CO2 is good right now and it might be,
BUT...........measure your pH in the am and the pm for one day. See what
the difference is.
Compare that against the pH/KH/CO2 chart.
Make certain that CO2 is good for your routine the whole time(whatever brew
Change routine you use(say weekly, every two weeks etc).
Your CO2 might be fine in the start right after you change the Brew, but
near the end of the week, it's CO2 production drops off and you do NOT have
enough CO2, especially in the latter part of the day photoperoid.

You do the above, you will see a great improvement.
It also will only cost you less than 10$ for KNO3/Fleet enema
You have traces/CO2/light.

> I know I probably did one big mistake at the start, I used washed sand
> for substrate. I thought it was Ok, because I did the same thing with all
> other tank and never had problems growing plant. Vals were allways doing
> excellent with washed sandand tablet fertilization only.
> I have been keeping fish tanks for years and I do know a little something
> about it, but this situation is killing me. What should I do? Should I set
> up the tank once again with richer substrate?

If you add the CO2/KNO3/PO4, then you have taken care of the water column
Tom Barr


Hi Tom

awhile back you recommended a dosing schedule for me that I have done
faithfully. I notice that this poster has a similar set up to mine with the
exception that I have pressurized CO2.

77g heavily planted tank
PH 6.7
KH 70
GH 100
4 x 40 watt T12 bulbs.
basic gravel substrate with nothing added.

My original post was due to the fact that I was experiencing some wilting
and yellowing of my plants, in particular the ends of Java Fern, Amazon
Swords and my Vals and Sag. subulata. Your recommendation for me was to dose

KN03..1/2 tsp 1 or 2 a week
K2SO4 pot. sulphate 1/2-3/4 tsp after water change only
Kh2P04 pot. phosphate 1/16th-1/8th tsp 1 or 2 a week
trace mix 10 mls twice a week.

although the plants do look better I still am having some wilting, ends
curling up etc. Should I be dosing more as your recommendation to this
poster seems to be a little more frequent dosing, or sticking to this
schedule for a bit longer. Present dosing began on Nov 27th.

Thx. Rick

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