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Re: [APD] Moving tank outside under back porch- concerns? (paludarium)

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 15:27, Damian Barton wrote:

> Anyone know of a thermo sensor that has either a visual or audio
> alert feature?

Note to all Aussies on the list...
DSE (dick smith electronics sells
aquarium thermometer with alarm $29. You can set it to discus mode or
standard tropical mode. I haven't tried one myself as yet, but I have a
friend who kept knocking the thermostat on his external thermometer...
once his planted discus tank spent a week at 20 degrees (C) and once for
a week at 36 degrees (C). Neither was particularly good for the fish or
plants! This product would be ideal for him!

Whilst on the topic of dse, anyone tried one of
from dse? It is an aquarium/pool/etc video camera. $198AUD

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