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Re: [APD] wood crates

R S Ahl wrote:

>       I attended the AGA 2003. The wood crates that you
> brought the rocks in, how did you make them?
> You can e-mail direct with directions and pictures, if
> you would like.

The APD archives seems to have been disenrolled from the APD.   Scott Hieber. 
forwarded this letter to me otherwise I would have missed it.

There were (and are) no drawings.

The crates were built from pine lumber.  It wasn't clear pine, but it was 
pretty clean.  The sides and ends were 1X12; the bottom and top were both 
made with two pieces of 1X6 placed side-byside.  The front side, tops and 
bottoms were all cut to the length of the box so they overlapped the end 
pieces.  The back piece was shorter than the front piece so that the ends 
overlapped the back piece.  The lumber dimensions set all the dimensions of 
the box except the length.  Someone who ended up with the crates could 
measure to say for sure what the length is.  I seem to remember that they 
were 21 inches long.

All joints were glued and screwed.  Most of the screws were #6 1 5/8 inch 
bugle-head wood screws.  I used more than was needed.  You have to be careful 
not to over tighten those screws.  I used pilot holes and counter sunk all 
the screws.  The front and bottom were fastened to the ends by screwing 
through the front and bottom pieces into the edge of the end pieces.  The 
back was fastened to the ends by screwing through the end pieces and into the 
edge of the back piece.

The two pieces that made up the lids were fastened together with two pieces 
of 1X2 that were cut a little shorter than the width of the lid.  The 1X2's 
were set across the width of the lid about 1/4 of the box length from each 
end, glued to the lids then screwed down with wood screws.  The screws I used 
were 1" bright screws.  They were too short.  I should have used 1 3/8 inch 

The hinges were 1 1/2 inch (if I remember right) Stanley galvanized hinges 
from Home Depot.

The handles were 3/8 inch hemp rope.  I drilled half-inch holes in the ends 
that I spaced apart a little wider then the width of my hands.  I cut a foot 
or so of rope, tied a knot in one end and passed it through one hole so the 
knot was on the inside.  Then I passed the other end through the other hole 
and tied a knot in that end to set the length of the handle and cut off the 
excess rope.  The handles are centered front-to-back and set (if I remember 
right) about 4 inches from the top.

After muddling around with the first box, the second box only took about 2 
hours to build.

Roger Miller
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