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[APD] Copper to kill Cladophora(A mix of Paul and Neil'smethods


>>That is the problem, I have a couple plants that
aren't irreplaceable but it would be difficult to get
them again so  I am trying to salvage them if

*Nothing* is irreplaceable:) I'm sure that if you
asked around that those rare plants would make
themselves available. There's nothing in the hobby
right now that I can't trade my way towards, and money
goes even futher:)... Email me privately if you want
something specific. I can send you in the right

I don't mean to make light of your algaes, but the
health of your tank may depend on it. I will NOT ever
concede that copper dosing (at any strength) is the
right course for a plant tank-- livestock removed or
no. FWIW, I have it on very good authority that
algae-fix will take care of some (most?) algae issues,
and I know it to be MUCH less toxic to the system than
copper--  Cu may be a plant nutrient but dosing CuSO4
copper into your system can't be a plant nutrient.
That's ridiculous!! Cu is required in such minute
concentrations that I could put an old penny in my
mouth for 30 seconds and then spit into your tank and
you'll have ample Cu for weeks to months. Hehe-- Any
trace element mix at recommended doses will provide
all the Cu you'll ever need....

We spoke many moons ago about shrimps deaths (re: meds
and KCl), and I'd prefer not to have to talk about
that again;)... I also have it on very good authority
that SeaChem Excel has a terrible negative effect on
filamentous algaes. You might want to try that first.

Sorry to any offended, but Copper?! Hehe...

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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