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[APD] RE: Copper to kill Cladophora(A mix of Paul and Neil'smethods)

I had been considering using Paul's bleaching suggestions for the last few
months but was trying to avoid it if something else would work and it sounds
like copper is that alternative.  I can understand leaving the copper for
3-5 days with blackout but am not sure why Paul left the covered tank for
several days with bleach.  I would think that even after less than an hour,
everything would be dead unless it was for the gravel?  I think he left the
gravel in the tank to bleach it and then removed it to rinse.  This may be a
stupid question but if copper kills it without the extra hassle, why bleach?

I could always leave the shrimp and most delicate plants out of the tank for
a week or so until the others have a chance to suck up any residual copper.

If snails can have algae growing on their shells and you can't subject them
to copper or bleach, how do you get snails back into the tank?  Wouldn't
lime, alum or peroxide kill them too?  For the record, I have no clue what
alum is although some lady at the pharmacy said it was used for canning.

I was referring to mini-riccia, pellia and mosses and posted:
"There are several plants in my tank that can't handle bleach but I have
never tried soaking them in peroxide, alum or lime to eradicate it." 

Tom posted:
"Lime would work well I would think for these plants."

This sounds great, I think I've read  3 sources of lime so far 1) bags at
Home Depot for the yard, 2) hydrated lime (Home Depot?), 3) Lime-It (pet
store?)  I have no preference on which one but if you have a recommendation,
ratio of product to water suggestion (or do you even dilute the liquids) and
time period I would certainly try it.

John posted:
"If it's gotten that bad, why don't you just tear down the tank all the way,
scrap the plants, bleach it and your equipment/substrate/etc, and start
over? Unless you have a plant that's irreplaceable"

That is the problem, I have a couple plants that aren't irreplaceable but it
would be difficult to get them again so  I am trying to salvage them if
possible.  I plan to leave the tank for 3-5 days in the dark just as
recommended, and treat everything.  If it doesn't work, then I'll have to
resort to bleach and lose a bunch of my favorite plants.

I wouldn't say I've hit desperate yet but things are starting to head that
way.  These recommendations are the best ideas I've heard in a long time!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Just for your enjoyment, the cladophora ball in my tank got this awful
cladophora on it.  You would not believe the looks you get at the LFS when
you tell them you have a problem, your cladophora has cladophora.  :)

Thanks again!


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