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[APD] RE: copper precautions

(Read the label and precautions for certain fish or fish you know have
There are sites and notes about certain fishes that have copper
sensitivity, it's been widely used as an ich treatment for many many years. 
I just am offering an idea that would work for algae without fish removal
and general considerations for fish, if you have some hyper sensitive fish,
well then use less or don't use it at all. 
This is not some miracle cure here, but for some, they may find it useful.
The small residual is a plant nutrient. 
Livebearer's and as some folks have mentioned Rainbow's are also sensitive.
This is not something you dump in there __haphazardly__. Peroxide(H2O2)
can kill fish if the dosage exceeds the limits, this can kill fish/inverts
also. It's a drug, too little will give you no effect, too much will kill
the patient.
Tom Barr

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